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Lets put the YOU into mum!

Time to empower ourselves to take care of our needs and create a life we love living.

By exploring ways to increase self awareness and self acceptance we can nurture ourselves and ultimately give ourselves the self love we have been giving to everyone else.

This is a place to bring focus to who you are now at this present stage of your life and figure out what you truly want so you can create a life that works for you.

This is a place for kindness, freedom, honesty and love.

Amanda x

I am a Podcaster, a holistic therapist and a busy mum of 4, with a passion for helping overwhelmed mums find balance and renewed energy.

With over a decade of experience practicing relaxation, aromatherapy, chakra energy and crystal healing methods I am able to support stressed-out mums in feeling calm, present, and in control of their lives.

As a full-time mum of four children, including two with autism, I understand the unique challenges faced by busy mums. I have personally tested and developed strategies and methods that can help you reclaim precious time and energy on a daily basis, empowering you to thrive in motherhood.

Since becoming a mum in 2016, I have confronted and overcome common motherhood obstacles, including perfectionism, comparison, self-doubt, and other mindset issues that can hinder personal growth. Over the past eight years I have focused on achieving a delicate balance between caring for my family and caring for myself—an essential equilibrium between being a devoted mother and a fulfilled woman.

I am on a mission to redefine the perception of self-care as selfish. I firmly believe that self-care is vital for overall well-being. With a personally tried and tested toolkit of self-care methods and rituals, I offer practical solutions that easily fit into a busy mum's life. These methods have been proven to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and boost resilience and patience.

Raised by a strong and independent single mother, I was instilled with a deep sense of individual identity and the importance of knowing one's desires from an early age. Sadly I lost my mother to bowel cancer in 2019, leaving me to navigate motherhood without her her maternal support. I sought and found support through a community network, both in person and online and so I am well able to guide and assist mums in finding the support and network they need to navigate this transformative stage of life.

Join me on this empowering journey of self-discovery, balance, and well-being. Let's unlock your full potential as a mum while nurturing your own personal growth. Together we can put the You and the Why into mummy.

Come and be part of a warm, friendly and supportive community.

Share your journey with other mums on the same path.


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